Kapitel 4

Woolfe, R., Strawbridge, S., Douglas, B. & Dryden, W. (2009). Handbook of Counselling Psychology, 3.ed. London: SAGE.  Del I, II og IV.


Narrative smoothing: when the therapist writes around or makes their mistakes smaller. It is important also to learn from what we do wrong.

Narrative smoothing is being encouraged by peer review and publishers different rules that demands to sort out these mistakes.

It has a meaning how you write but most of all how you read and interprets a text and in what context you do it.

Texts can be interpreted in several ways, but only very few is valid. Consensual validity; when there is an agreement in the culture, pragmatic validity; which is from directions and persuative validity; which is from persuation and learning.

The hermeneutic approach: a framework of working assumptions to interpretation

Gnostic hermeneutics: reduces the interpretation to the main topics

Hermeneutics: attaches interpretations to pragmatic end-points and will never end an interpretation.

The hermeneutic spiral: interprets in its context and reinterprets in its context plus the first interpretation.

The reader can have a different intention with the text than the author and therefore understand it differently.

A text can be writerly (which means that the reader can fill in where there is missing and therefore be a part of the writing) or readerly (which means that it is straight reading). This can depend on the reader.

A pragmatic attitude to interpretation is when you interpret from the context that you read from.

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