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Orleans, V. & Scoyoc, S. (2009). A Short Introduction to Counselling Psychology. London: SAGE. Kapitel 1-6


Counselling psychology began in 1979 in BPS (British Psychological Society) but is thought to begin fully in the UK in 1982.

I USA counselling psychology became an independent profession in 1946.

In Canada it was developed in 1986, but there is a difference between the English speaking part and the French speaking part in the demands of authorizing and training programmes.

In Australia counselling psychology was an official psychological approach in 1976 and in New Zealand in 1985.

In Hong Kong counselling psychology became a division in 2006 and in Kina counselling psychology have become a single division yet, but it is developing. In south Korea counselling psychology became independent in 1987 and in Japan in 2004.

In south Africa counselling psychology was formed in 1974.

In India counselling psychology has not yet been formed, nor in Israel despite the fact that an similar approach has great success and the profession has been taught for a period of time.

In Europe no country has an independent counselling psychology approach, but many countries have similar professions. However there have bee made an association for counselling psychology, which will help the professionals who have learned to approach abroad.

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