Kapitel 8

Cooper, M. (2010). Essential Research Findings in Counselling and psychotherapy.London: SAGE

Therapy helps those who are treated with it, and gives them a greater improvement than those who are not treated. In many conditions the results are as good as treatment with medication. Therapy is a cost-effective treatment method. CBT is effective in the treatment of many difference disorders. There is only a small difference between different therapy approaches.

The client’s involvement in therapy is one of the strongest predicators for positive outcome. The therapist’s relationship are more important than his personality, demographic or professional characteristic. Cooperation, nurturing and emphatic reactions are associated with a positive outcome. Therapeutic techniques can be useful.


Later studies can investigate:

– If specific therapeutic orientations or techniques really are more effective for a psychological disorders (the dodo bird verdict).

– What kind of relational, therapeutic or client factors that are more helpful in therapy

– Causal relations between techniques, approaches and outcome


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